Co-Location Centres

Co-Location Centres

In each of the Nodes of EIT Digital there is a physical Co-Location Centre where many activities are carried out.

The Co-Location Centres are meeting places, melting pots, hubs, where planned, as well as ad hoc, meetings and events take place.

Student clubs have their base here and extra curriculum activities are often occuring at the Co-Location Centres. Informal networking with other students, leading researchers and business partners is set up at the Co-Location Centres, providing opportunities for collaboration and future career contacts.

Find detailed information about where you find the Nodes and Co-Location Centres on the EIT Digital Locations web page.


The Berlin Co-Location Centre is located on the campus of TU Berlin, in the heart of the city’s west – a hotspot where education, research and industry meets the German government.

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The Budapest Node mission is to give a boost to the development of an innovative ICT ecosystem in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe, being the only EIT Digital centre located in this region.

Our Co-Location Centre is situated close to the heart of the city, in Infopark, which has a lively atmosphere and where the universities are co-located with their industrial partners - thus students have the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, researchers and business partners, alike. 

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The Eindhoven Co-Location Centre is located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, an R&D ecosystem of more than 90 companies and institutes, and more than 8,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs, who together are working on developing the technologies and products of tomorrow.

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The Helsinki Co-Location Centre is situated on the Aalto University campus in the Open Innovation House. This area is the main ICT hub in Finland, particularly prominent in software systems, telecommunications, and Internet services.

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The London Co-Location Centre is located at Imperial West, Imperial College London's new 25 acre research and translation campus development in White City. The Co-Location Centre hosts meetings, workshops and flexible workspots for the beneft of its partners. It seeks to grow into a hotspot of ICT innovation, attracting talents and investments to create new businesses, jobs, and societal impacts.

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The Madrid Co-location Centre is located in the IMDEA Software Institute building, within UPM's Montegancedo Science and Technology Park. It is a major hotspot of innovation, research, education, and entrepreneurship activities.

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The Paris Co-Location Centre is centrally located at 23 Avenue d’Italie in Paris, and provides a unique environment for research and development in technologies of the future. Multiple research groups of INRIA, UPMC and Institut Telecom are located in the same building as the Paris Co-Location center.

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The Stockholm Co-Location Centre is located in the Electrum building in Kista, the centre of IT & Telecom industry, research and academic institutions in Sweden.

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The Trento Co-Location Centre is located in the FBK Research complex close to the Trento Technical University. The Trentino Region, rich in communications infrastructures and innovative companies, is sometimes referred to as Semantic Valley. The Co-Location Centre focuses on providing a holistic view on how ICT can contribute to increase the Quality of Life.

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