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Meet our students: Leire Carreras Orobengoa

Leire Carreras Orobengoa

Leire Carreras Orobengoa

Loving the business part of technology

Loving the business part of technology and using tech for good. That is what drove Leire Carreras Orobengoa to the EIT Digital Master School. "I like to be around minds that are not 100% technical." A short interview with one of our students about the EIT Digital Master School. Embedded systems meets business.

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?  

"I was looking for embedded systems masters and found two universities who offered this: KTH and Technical University Eindhoven. When asking for a recommendation letter at the research company I worked for, my manager told me about  an intern starting who studied at two universities for one master. I looked that up and discovered EIT Digital. I thought YES! This is the way I want to go. I have both an interest in technology and also in business and social things. Then I thought, "Oh my God, I might not, it must be difficult to get in. Then I thought: if you do not try, you do not get. I tried and I got in."

Why did you want to study Embedded Systems?

"When I was studying industrial electronics in the Basque country (Spain), I had a part-time job as a research assistant in an embedded systems team. After my bachelors, I wanted to work in this field.  I love embedded systems, but I felt a lack of knowledge to make a career out of it. That is why I looked for a masters in Embedded Systems. I did my first year of Embedded Systems in Berlin. Now, in my second year, I study at KTH."

What is best so far about the EIT Digital Master School?

"The best thing so far is the fact that normally when you choose a specialisation you talk only about that. Here, I encountered really good people who want to give something extra to the human side and who also have a sense of the business side. They want to use technology to improve the wellbeing of people. I like to be around minds that are not 100% technical. The EIT Digital Master School is an environment that enhances both technical and non-technical sides, with thinking on shaping the future and how to change things for the good."

What do you want to change with technology?

Leire Carreras Orobengoa"I am interested in recycling - I cannot understand how people are unaware - to shape a better future. And now, I am volunteering with Swedish people to help people with Alzheimer's. I feel like doing something good for elderly people and improving their wellbeing. If we improve elderly care now, then in the future it will be better too. I will get old one day too."

What part of the education do you like most?

"I do not want to sound elitist, but the universities within the network of EIT Digital Master School are top-notch. They prepare their education very well. What gives this Master School an extra something, what normal masters programmes are lacking, is the ability to work together in teams and to work on interpersonal skills. Gaining soft skills and seeing the business side gives it added value.  The travelling I like as well. I started this Masters in Berlin, had a Kick-Off in Paris, Summer School in Helsinki, am studying now in Stockholm and am doing my internship there as well."

Where do you do your internship?

"My internship is at Bombardier Transportation for trains. My internship and master thesis are about energy harvesting for balises, boxes that are placed on railways. If a train passes, these boxes collect information about the train, as well as the location. These boxes get energy from radio frequencies from the passing trains. After the trains have passed,  the boxes fall asleep. I am exploring ways to have them awake all the time, so they could track errors at beforehand. To do that they need energy. So, I am focusing on finding ways to energise these boxes."

What are the insights you have learned so far?

"I have mainly gained an inside view of innovation. Innovation is not just a word. It is about ‘Why are you doing innovation?'  It is a mixture of inspiration to help society and make money and how to achieve success.  Sometimes you see people doing a great job for their startup, giving up everything and are super happy in doing so. There is passion and the will to bring ideas from the mind into the real world. I could never experience this so closely, to understand why you need motivation to fight for your dreams. That is why I fell in love with the programme."

What are your expectations after you graduate?

"I want to gain even more international experience. It is quite clear to me as well that I want to go into industry, where I can work on different challenges at the same time. That industry would be transportation, automotive, robotics or automatisation. I just now want to join a company, to see how it works, to grow as an engineer. If I am confident enough that I have the skills to do what it takes and find a topic to give all my energy and passion to, then I might want to start a startup."

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