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Two new entrepreneurial programmes at EIT Digital Master School: Digital Manufacturing and Fintech

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

Digital Manufacturing and Fintech masters to boost a strong digital Europe

The EIT Digital Master School is launching two new technical majors within its European network of top technology universities. The Digital Manufacturing and Fintech masters will start in the academic year beginning in 2020. Students with a science, technology or mathematics background can apply for these new programmes from November 2019 onwards.

This launch was announced by Arturo Varona, Head of the EIT Digital Master School, at the opening of the School's application portal. “The EIT Digital Master School is a unique way of education. It provides technical education combined with entrepreneurship and innovation within a network of top technical universities.  The skills our students learn are needed to build a strong digital Europe. Because technology developments evolve rapidly, we review our programme offer annually to stay relevant and offer the best education possible to prepare students for the tasks ahead.”


It is no surprise, then, that Fintech has been added to the Master School’s programme offering. “The increasing expansion of the financial industry, the growing demand for Fintech experts, and the need for an applied programme in this field were strong reasons to develop this Fintech Masters, explains Alvaro Pina Stranger, Fintech Programme Lead. “The Fintech Masters aims to train a new generation of entrepreneurial computer scientists who will be able to cover this important niche and positively impact our society.”

This masters prepares students for jobs in the Fintech sector including service executive, product manager, software developer, business development executive, analyst, technical account manager, researcher and IT project manager.

In the Fintech Masters, students learn in-depth theoretical and technical skills, like software development, database security and big data management, processing and storage. On top of that, they learn commercial skills to turn technology into business.

The first year of the two-year masters can be taken at the Université Côte d’Azur and Université de Rennes 1 in France, Universitá de Trento and Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE) in Hungary and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in Spain. The specialisation year, in which students can focus on Systems Engineering for Financial Technologies, Distributed Fintech Systems, Fintech for Financial and Insurance Businesses or Fintech for Social Impact, can be completed at the Université Côte d’Azur, Université Rennes 1, Universitá de Trento or ELTE.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital transformation has changed the manufacturing sector from being process-driven to data-driven. Hence, the sector needs engineers and business leaders to think differently and manage the industry in efficient and productive new ways. The Digital Manufacturing programme is, according to Prof Dr Juan J Márquez, Vice-Dean for Institutional Relations and Promotion at UPM and programme lead for the Digital Manufacturing Masters, an integrated programme that combines knowledge of manufacturing and industrial engineering with the most modern computer science techniques to improve processes, devise new solutions and create business opportunities.

The programme offers technical courses in five pillars: Digital Manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Robotics and Operation Technologies Cybersecurity. As well as these, students learn how to generate business models for industrial applications in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship modules. “The integration of industrial and manufacturing engineering with computer science engineering will give students a commercial overview of the topics. This sets the masters apart from others available elsewhere.”

Márquez believes the market is waiting for people with these kinds of skills. “The industry is searching for professionals that combine knowledge of processes with a computer science background in order to produce cost effective solutions. This is definitely the profile of graduates of this masters.” He also foresees that some students will become entrepreneurs supporting digital transformation of industry.

The first year of the two-year Digital Manufacturing Masters can be taken at UPM in Spain, while students can complete their specialisation year at Tallinn Tech in Estonia, University of Turku in Finland, or ELTE in Hungary.

Bachelor students with a background in science, technology or mathematics can apply now for these or other technical majors. More details of all the EIT Digital Master School programmes can be found on the EIT Digital Master School website.

The EIT Digital Master School is a European network of top technical universities that, since 2012, has been offering technical masters programmes and a business minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to translate technology acumen into business success.

EIT Digital Master School students
EIT Digital Master School students

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