Application & Admissions FAQ

Application & Admissions FAQ

Can both European and non-European students apply to the EIT Digital master's programmes?


How do I apply to the EIT Digital Master School?

Please see the instructions here.

What do I do if I have problems creating a user account at the EIT Digital Application Portal?

Please contact us through

Do I have to pay an application fee?

Yes, there is an application as well as a registration fee. Please see the exact amounts and due dates here.

What is the difference between application period 1 and 2? May I apply in both periods?

In period 1, you can apply to a maximum of 2 programmes. You can also choose the option to accept other alternatives in case you are not admitted to your preferred programmes but your profile still fits other programmes.

In period 2, you can apply for 1 programme only. Admission decisions from period 2 are announced quite late, and leave little time for coordinating visas and/or residence permits.  Therefore, period 2 is mostly aimed at EU students who do not need to apply for a visa/residence permit.

Please be advised that it is not allowed to register two applications, i.e. to apply both in period 1 and period 2.

If I apply as an EU citizen in period 1, will non-EU citizens get priority over me?

No, all applicants have equal chances of getting admitted in both periods regardless of their citizenship. As admission decisions from period 2 are announced quite late, and leave little time for coordinating visas and/or residence permits, we recommend that non-EU students apply in period 1.

Is there a quota for the number of applicants admitted in period 1 and 2? Are spots reserved for period 2 applicants?

There is no such quota. All applicants who answer the admission criteria will be admitted regardless of the application period. Nor are there such quotas per programme.

How many Technical Programmes can I apply to?

You can apply to one Technical Programme and express interest in a second Technical Programme. You can, however, choose your first, second and third preference for entry and exit university.

I am in my final year of studies. Can I still apply to the EIT Digital Master's Education?

Students in their final year of undergraduate education may also apply and, if qualified, receive a conditional offer. If you have not completed your studies, please include a written statement from the degree administration office (or equivalent department), confirming that you are enrolled in the final year of your education and including your expected completion date.

If you receive a conditional offer, you should present your degree certificate to your entry university as soon as possible and before enrollment. Applicants following longer technical programmes and who have completed courses equivalent to an amount of 180 ECTS, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Which length of the degree should I indicate in the application if I studied 1 year less/more than the official study period?

An applicant should state the official length of the degree. If this is a 4-year bachelor’s degree, you should state 4 years even if the actual studies took less time (e.g. you completed your bachelor’s degree in 3 years).

I am already studying the same master's programme at one of the partner universities. I am in my first year of studies and want to join EIT Digital Master School for the second year. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. There is a concept we call “Parallel-Entry Students” (PES) – those who study their first year of the programme locally at ‘entry university’, not as part of the EIT Digital double degree programme. They are called ‘parallel’ because they study the same programme as other EIT Digital students but do not count as such because they are enrolled in the local version of the programme.

Please review our website and consider if you would like to apply to EIT Digital during the next application period. You may also find some helpful advice if you discuss this idea with your contact(s) at the university you will soon begin studying at. If you decide you would like to apply as a PES, your first step is to inform your university contact. They will direct you to the next steps.

The application for PES opens in autumn. If you would like to be notified at the time, please provide your information here.

If I applied last year but was not admitted or was admitted but rejected the study offer, will it affect my chances in the current application round?

The fact that you had already applied previously, will have no direct negative effect on your chances of getting admitted next time. One competes with other applicants within each application round. It means that your chances of being admitted depend not only on your own academic merits and professional achievements but also on merits and achievements of the rest of the students applying at the same time.

Are applicants admitted on a rolling basis or in batches?

Applicants are admitted in two batches corresponding to period 1 and 2. An applicant who submitted their application on the first day of the application period has the same chances of getting admitted as an applicant who submitted their application on the last day.

When and how will I know if I have been accepted to the EIT Digital Master’s Education and if I have been granted a scholarship?

Please see the deadlines here.

If I am accepted to the EIT Digital Master’s Education, does this mean I will receive a scholarship?

No. A student can be admitted even if he/she is not chosen to receive a scholarship.  Applicants should be prepared to pay the tuition fees and other required costs of participating in the programme.

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