Rennes 1 University, an International Hotspot for Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Networks and Media

Rennes is the largest hub for education and research in the West of France. With over 60,000 students on a population of 250,000, Rennes is one of the countries’ liveliest and student-friendliest cities.

Rennes 1 University proudly participates in the EIT Digital Master School with two Masters: Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.

The programme Cloud and Network Infrastructures offers excellence education and training in cloud computing, distributed systems, internet, Internet of Things and social networks. Rennes is an internationally recognized high-tech R&D center in cloud computing, networks and media. It hosts the prestigious INRIA/IRISA research center as well as hundreds of large and small high-tech companies in ICT: Orange, Alcatel-Lucent, Thales, Technicolor, Canon, Thomson just to name a few. Recent history of Rennes includes many crucial advances in terms of the invention and development of world standards in ICT: ATM, MP3, JPEG, OFDM, Turbo codes and MPEG4.

The programme Cyber Security focuses on the study of the design, development and evaluation of secure computer systems, which are also capable of ensuring privacy for future ICT systems. Brittany is a benchmark player in the field, notably through its key industrial players of Cyber Security (140 companies from the large group to SMEs), through the presence of the “Pole Excellence Cyber” initiated by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and constitutes a key element of the development of the sector at national and international level. Rennes has also been hosting for several years now the event, the European Cyber week, an international event on specific themes related to cyber security, bringing together businesses, research centers, government agencies and students.

Outstanding research and higher-education in ICT

Copyright: Com IRISA
Rennes 1 University
Copyright: Com IRISA
Rennes 1 University

Rennes 1 University is an internationally-acknowledged university with 26,000 students, 1800 faculty and 1500 staff members. Among its many activities, it offers internationally-acknowledged master and doctoral degrees in ICT, a business school and a Faculty of Economical Science, which make it a perfect place for ICT innovation.

Its campus also hosts INRIA/IRISA, the largest research lab in ICT in France with 700 researchers in ICT. INRIA/IRISA conducts research in computer science, applied mathematics, signal and image processing. Its work focuses on major cross-disciplinary fields, such as cloud computing, the Internet of the future, images & interaction, security and computational sciences (combining digital technology with other disciplines such as biology, mechanics and medicine). The unit’s research activities are also geared towards important fields of application such as multimedia, transport, healthcare and the environment.

Recent Achievements

INRIA/IRISA is very active in developing new technologies in the domain of cloud computing. For example, BlobSeer is a distributed storage service that addresses the challenges of Big Data environments. ConPaaS is a environment for elastic Cloud applications. Snooze is an autonomic and energy-efficient virtual machine management framework for private clouds. The Gossple project explores new ways to design and build online social networks. All these projects are very successful but they are not cast in stone. Research and development is continuously ongoing so students will have ample opportunities to join these teams and contribute.

At the Heart of the ICT Business and Innovation Ecosystem in Rennes

The campus of Rennes 1 University is ideally located next to major industrial R&D centers (Orange, Alcatel, Technicolor, Thales) as well as over 300 SMEs within the Rennes Atalante science park.

This proximity makes it very easy for example to follow class in the morning, attend one of EIT Digital’s local Innovation Talks to hear an entrepreneur share his experience, visit an open doors event in the afternoon to discover technology developed at Technicolor's R&D center, and finally be back in time for a relaxed dinner downtown with friends.

Best of class in Cloud Computing

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Rennes is one of the main nodes of Grid'5000, a distributed cloud infrastructure with 8000 cores located in 11 sites in France. Grid'5000 makes it easy to deploy applications and services on large numbers of machines and test them at full scale. Unlike most large-scale computing infrastructures, Grid'5000 is solely dedicated to ICT education and research. EIT Digital Master School students use it extensively in the context of practical labs well as their entrepreneurial projects.

Brittany's capital city

Rennes and its surroundings have plenty to offer: countless cultural spots, stylish ancient towns, enchantress forests, dramatic coastlines, white sandy beaches, and a trademark party spirit you’ll hardly find anywhere else!

Everything about Brittany is distinctive, from its geography and its granite looks to its traditions and its language. The region stands apart from the rest of France, its long peninsula reaching out 300 kilometers into the Atlantic. While it celebrates its traditions, it is also forward-looking and fun-loving. People in Rennes are very welcoming to foreigners, which is certainly the reason why many international students come to study there. More information can be found at the tourist board.

Practical information

We like to treat EIT Digital Master School students as our very special guests. This includes:

  • Students have privileged access to the EIT Digital Colocation Center during all their time in Rennes, with a dedicated person to help them in any administrative issues.
  • Students willing to turn their academic projects into real businesses are encouraged to apply to the local INCUBE pre-incubator for student projects (which provides direct funding, mentoring and office space)
  • Guaranteed affordable yet comfortable accommodation on the campus, for a monthly rate between 150 and 220 euros
  • Free French classes (optional)
  • We welcome you at the airport or train station, right upon your arrival to take you to the University
  • Cultural and touristic activities

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