The profile meter is a fun way for you to assess whether the EIT Digital Master School is really for you. It provides useful information about how the Master School provides much more than two years' education and is, in fact, a step into a stimulating and challenging career in ICT innovation.

To what extent do you agree with the following statements?

  • An international network is important for my future career
  • I want to help create ICT Innovations for a prosperous and sustainable future
  • I seek to get inspired by new challenges and cross-disciplinary interactions
  • I am a 100% risk taker and I am ready to run entrepreneurial risks
  • Learning by doing is my motto and I am looking for hands-on experience opportunities
  • An excellent CV should contain both top level academic merits and applied skills
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What's in it for you:

You will be exposed to talented fellow students, excellent researchers, leading managers and entrepreneurs whether you make this a priority or not. This is an additional bonus that may be useful for further joint ventures or career opportunities.
At the start of the 2-year programme there is a joint Kick-off for all students attending the EIT Digital Master School. As the programme progresses there will also be joint summer schools and winter camps as well as cross-over activities for the various specialisations.
The combination of excellent academic results with a network of future colleagues, leading researchers and business opportunities will enhance your options for your career path that will suit your talents. European cooperation is a key feature of the EIT Digital Master School and EIT Digital.
Networking will be a natural part of your life as a student at the EIT Digital Master School. All students are required to attend two different European universities, ensuring exposure to the countries, cultures and excellent competences. Up-front partnering projects, active student organizations and extra curricula activities provide many chances to connect and build outstanding career networks.
Excellent opportunities are provided within the EIT Digital Master Programme. The Co-location Centres (CLC’s) are hubs where students, start-ups and researchers interact and exchange ideas and projects. The internships and mentoring programs are with leading European research institutes and innovative companies.
The EIT Digital Master School is the right choice for a student who has recognised that the many global challenges we are facing need well-educated people with different sets of skills, who together can create new innovations, especially with ICT as a key enabler.
Faced with a challenge, you are a person who can spend nights and days trying to solve a problem or build an application. What could you not achieve if you had a network of fellow students to share with and learn from as well as experienced role models from research and industry?
With advanced technical innovative competence comes the desire to make use of it for the greater good. In the technical specialisations, where EIT Digital thematic areas are the focus, you are part of the most advanced teams of problem solvers in Europe.
You are already an innovator to be and will benefit greatly from the EIT Digital Master School for its set of activities and networks of excellence that is at hand for the Master School students. When your idea is ready for the market there is all the support a start-up can ask for.
The Master School, as the EIT Digital as a whole, strives to accelerate the process of transferring excellent research ideas and applications to the market. The EIT Digital Master School graduates will be forming the society of tomorrow.
You have always been mainly interested in technical areas but find that you develop other talents when you exchange thoughts and ideas with people with other perspectives and academic backgrounds. Although moderate in exposing yourself to this it is a part of your profile.
You do not make the first move when it comes to connecting to new people or getting involved with student challenges but you are keen to have the opportunities and take a step at a time. At the Co-Location Centres, a central part of the EIT Digital Master School, you will thrive.
Although a keen scholar you are not sure what you want to choose as a career path upon receiving your degree from a master programme. A way to get more inspiration and challenge yourself is to apply for the EIT Digital Master Programme where this is a key feature.
Being a student is the time of life when you should acquire all sorts of experience - getting to know other cultures, being engaged in student clubs and other extra curriculum activities, maybe even setting up a small scale business. The EIT Digital Master School has much to offer you!
The Co-Location Centres, the second home to students enrolled in the EIT Digital Master School, offer dynamic and exiting meeting places for students, startups, entrepreneurship societies etc, where you also connect to the other students. Is this the place for you? Welcome!
Your profile is more of a technical engineer than an entrepreneur, where you do not see yourself dealing with business plans and pitching ideas for venture capitalists and business angels. However, the EIT Digital Master School skills in innovation and entrepreneurship will be useful in any future role.
There are entrepreneurs and then there are intrapreneurs and you belong to the second category. The partners of the EIT Digital and the EIT Digital Master School will be searching for graduates with great technical competence and an intrapreneurial approach. You will be in demand!
How sure are you that you are not a risk taker? 50 percent? Maybe with the right support and the very best conditions to try it, you may be a driven entrepreneur. In the EIT Digital Master School you are encouraged to learn and experience and become a leader in your area.
What does it take to be an entrepreneur? The persistence of doing – failing and then repeating that over and over again until it works. The Business Development Labs of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Module of the EIT Digital Master School explore diverse obstacles in transforming a technology into a business.
From your studies with EIT Digital Master School, you will acquire the tools to make the calculated risks associated with running your own entrepreneurial start-up. Alternatively, risk-taking entrepreneurs need to have a person like you in their team to reach success.
This method has not been your style so far but that is not a negative since there is a chance to adjust this by entering into the EIT Digital Master School. Sharing the experiences of a mentor in a leading company may give you valuable insights that could not be gained in any other way.
Well, there is probably little to be learned from not doing ... Learning from how others have done and their hands-on experience is of great value. The industry internships will allow you to take active part in projects and have the opportunity to build networks and knowledge.
When applying to the EIT Digital Master School you can besides stating your choice of entry and exit university, also give a preferred choice of a partner company or organisation for your internship or mentoring programme. As far as possible these preferences will be honoured.
Well, then this is your dream education! The studies in the EIT Digital Master School might be more of a challenge than a similar technical master programme because you are also expected to know a lot about transforming theoretical insights and practical experiences into innovative business ideas.
In your view a CV should mainly present academic achievements with the goal to pursue an academic career. The EIT Digital Master School will provide you with a mentor and internships at prominent research institutes, ensuring that you acquire applied skills as well.
The position where you see yourself in the future is not really depending on the content of your CV. It will be useful to prove your technical competences but you will have greater use of the applied skills in innovation and entrepreneurship provided in the EIT Digital Master School.
The marketplace for technical master students is a highly competitive one. If you can show that you have both a thorough technical degree from two top European universities and applied skills in innovation and entrepreneurship, you will have the best possible career options.
Aiming for a leading position with a European innovative business organization you want to gain as much hands-on experience while getting your double technical degree and the EIT Digital certificate, which you regard as the key feature for choosing to apply for the EIT Digital Master School.
You will probably not have much spare time during your time as a master student in the EIT Digital Master School, but you will be set up with the best possible options for where you see yourself working in an innovative organization, solving the challenges of the society of tomorrow.

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