What our students say

What our students say

Interviews with students

Ádám Kapos

Hungarian; Entry: Helsinki, Exit: Budapest, SDE, owner of SongArc

"Within the programme, I would emphasize the importance of studying abroad. Spending my entry year in Finland, I acquired a new perspective on education, and I learned a lot about cooperation, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial mindset. I learned how crucial it is to never give up, to try over and over again, and that even if you fail, you should stand up and go further. You can’t always be successful, but you can only be successful if you try again and again. One of the key things I learned is the real startup way of thinking!"

Nicola Parrello

Italian; Entry: Trento, Exit: Budapest, SDE

"I realize - when I talk to those friends who only attended a traditional Masters’ program - that I have learned how to discuss innovation ideas and how to decide whether an idea is feasible or not. Now I am able to recognize the added value, if there is any. The difference is due to the EIT Digital Master School, as opposed to the general Masters’ education; I am grateful for having had the opportunity to gather all the knowledge that is necessary for being a successful entrepreneur, while other students would need to learn all this by themselves."

Alex Martinelli

Italian; Entry: Trento, Exit: Budapest, SDE

"In my opinion, there are 3 key advantages to the EIT Digital Master School. The first is the internationality; the second is the business innovation in relation to computer sciences; and the third, and probably the most important is the practical nature of the program. Usual graduates are in a hopeless situation where they have to figure out themselves how the world works outside of the school, apart from the well-known academic point of view. For us, it is different: we encountered real-case scenarios, we interacted with people who had already acquired work experience, and generally, this program gave an understanding of what we’re supposed to do with our knowledge. And I cannot think of anything better that you could ask from a study program, especially from a Master’s degree."

Lilla Anna Lomoschitz

Hungarian; Entry: Berlin, Exit: Budapest, S&P

"This program provided me with many outstanding opportunities, especially concerning mobility and international networking. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to study at 2 leading universities in 2 different countries, and that I get 2 diplomas in the end. I’m happy that I know a lot of people in several European countries, and whenever I go to a Node city, I’m sure that I can meet some friends."

Mahmoud Khodier

Egyptian, Entry: Berlin, Exit: Finland, Distributed Systems and Services

"EIT Digital Master School not only provides a master’s programme, rather it provides an ecosystem that allows you to gain different experiences. If you are looking to gain entrepreneurial skills, to gain technical or research experiences in a field of interest, to have the chance to attend different conferences and events (e.g. CeBIT, Slush), to be part of entrepreneurial communities, to meet people from different cultures, and to travel to different countries, then probably you should go for EIT Digital"

Charlotte Kortbeek

Dutch, Entry: TU/d (Delft). Exit: Aalto

"I started looking for masters degrees and found the perfect fit in EIT Digital. It is unique in the way it combines academic knowledge with the more practical courses in entrepreneurship. EIT Digital offers an education package that at first sounded to good be true. Getting a double degree on two of the top universities in Europe, the minor entrepreneurship, the extra summer schools and the possibility to get a scholarship. But what I like the most about the master school are my fellow students. Their continues stream of energy and there incredible urge to create inspires me every day. I love creating business plans and work on projects with them. Taking the step to become a real entrepreneur is something I and a lot of my fellow student are now considering."

Daniel Bernau

German; Entry: Berlin, Exit: Rennes, Distributed Systems and Services

"I joined EIT Digital because I was searching for a truly international master’s degree in computer science and management. Well, I found it! In the last two years I was able to not only enjoy motivating lectures at TU Berlin and the University of Rennes, but also highlights like a summer school in Finland and seminars on design thinking. The entrepreneurship modules provided me a whole new perspective on technology, which together with the technical skills, significantly broadened my career potential. 
After having graduated in distributed systems, I am now starting a PhD at SAP Research on data analytics and security. Did I like the Master School? Yes, so much that I'm preparing to join the EIT Digital Doctoral School to continue my affiliation. This way I can act right away as an entrepreneur for my research."

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