Mengze Li

Hi, I’m Mengze. I'm 23 years old. Before coming to EIT Digital Master School, I studied Electronic and Information Engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China. I spent my first year of the Master School at KTH and my second at TU Delft. I am interested in visualisation and machine learning and their applications in sport analysis. I speak Chinese and English.

Mengze Li

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Mengze's academic journey with EIT Digital

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

I thought it’d be exciting to study innovation and entrepreneurship with creative people from different cultural and technical backgrounds. You can get inspired by talking with your peers or attending lectures. The dual locations also appealed because they gave me two chances to reflect on myself and my future goals.

What do you like most about your academic curriculum?

Visual Computing and Communication is a subject with many specialisations. My background in electrical engineering has proved helpful when studying image processing. Also, I've had the chance to explore many interesting areas, such as computer animation, 3D modeling, computer vision and visualization.

Was it easy to move to your entry/exit universities?

Stockholm, where my entry university is located, is a warm and welcoming city. It’s really nice to live there. I was concerned about the language barrier before coming to Sweden. But it turns out everyone can speak very fluent English. Delft, the location of my exit university, is relatively small but it is near Den Haag and Rotterdam, which are beautiful cities to discover.

What is the greatest lesson this academic journey has taught you?

An idea is not enough to create a business; we need concrete plans and specific details to implement it. Innovation is not just about creating impact. Clear plans and hard evidence are also required to validate our ideas. The same is true in technical studies.

Do you consider yourself a digital innovator?

During my first I&E course, I had an idea related to using sport movement analysis to facilitate teaching sport for beginners. I kept working on that idea by discussing it with other people and finally it became a plan. I don’t think I will start my own company, but such ideas certainly give me some possible directions for my future study and career.

Which advice would you give to future students to be successful and make the best of this EIT Digital experience?

EIT Digital Master School is a great opportunity for young people to start over and become the people they really want to be. You can develop your academic knowledge, social skills and business thinking during these two years. It doesn’t matter if you want to be an engineer, researcher or entrepreneur.

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