The EIT Digital Master School Online-Community is a place where students as well as faculty & staff can interact, network, share experiences, and take part in discussions and special interest groups.

It is a closed social network to share ideas, status updates, files and links; talk to other students and staff and get questions answered.

Our Online-Community makes it easy to find fellow students and information regarding the universities, the master's education and everything else. (i.e. accommodations, life on campus, the city, visa and residence permits, useful addresses and phone numbers or a direct link to the student counsellors)

Partner Network

The EIT Digital Master School is benefiting from the EIT Digital research and business partners, which provide industry experience for the students. The students are working closely with the business partners throughout the whole education. They will get the chance to prepare their master's thesis with the partners on real life projects and have plenty of opportunity to network.

Learn More: Partners of EIT Digital

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