After Graduation

EIT Digital also offers opportunities specially designed for doctoral candidates and professionals, executives and decision makers.

Providing PhD candidates with skills and tools for an Innovation & Entrepreneurial mind-set

EIT Digital Doctoral School

The goal of the EIT Digital Doctoral School is to develop the ICT Innovation concept where doctoral candidates are offered the opportunity to acquire a mind-set for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). To achieve this goal, the EIT Digital Doctoral School organizes I&E education that complements the ordinary doctoral studies of each candidate.

Our Doctoral Programme offers:

  • Standardised I&E Education - Business Competence + Business Development Experience;
  • Mobility - six months of geographical mobility;
  • Thematic alignment - to the innovation areas, so called Action Lines, of EIT Digital.

After graduation, these doctors will be commercially aware ICT leaders with an I&E mind-set who are able to understand current and future challenges and opportunities of the ICT industry.

Further information about EIT Digital Doctoral School:

Advance your career with EIT Digital Professional School

EIT Digital Professional School

The EIT Digital Professional School brings digital innovations to the market and supports the digital transformation of companies and organizations by creating a learning ecosystem. Our initiative is powered by continuing education courses, specially designed to provide critical digital knowledge, insights and skills to European professionals and executives, leveraging the EIT Digital Action Lines and partners' research activities.

The blended learning courses offered by EIT Digital Professional School are specially designed for professionals, executives and decision makers who want to deepen their knowledge and keep their skills up-to-date in a time-effective way. The courses have a multimodal format, combining university-grade content and online modules with hands-on skills building.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Short, compact courses (2-7 days)
  • Highly praxis-oriented
  • Key technology updates, well-aligned with EIT Digital innovation action lines
  • High industrial relevance and integrated knowledge
  • Meet the needs of working professionals through innovative blended learning formats (combination of traditional face-to-face classroom phases and e- and mobile learning).

To find out more about EIT Digital Professional School click here .Check out our current course offering here.

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