Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

Innovation and Entrepreneurship education at the EIT Digital Master School

What is it all about?

Through digitalisation, the European economy and society at large are entering an era of deep changes that impact on engineers in digital technologies in all industries.

The so called ‘Digital Transformation’ is not just about operational processes and their optimisation. It aims at relentlessly challenging and rethinking companies’ business models. Digital transformation leads or will lead all organisations. Organisations impacted by digitalisation must constantly question and rethink their business models as well as their organisational structures and innovation processes.
Entrepreneurship is not only about start-up creation. The entrepreneurial and start-up skills and attitudes inspire agile organisations and management schemes. Multidisciplinary teams and R&D are brought closer to customers and business.
In this context, roles, expectations and opportunities for engineers and computer scientists are changing. Scientific and technological excellence are essential but not enough. Ability to understand customers, societal challenges and to build a vision of the impact of digital technologies on society will be and are already key skills. So are the ability to inspire people and sell ideas.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) education at EIT Digital prepares future ICT engineers to exercise an entrepreneurial mindset to contribute to digital transformation:

  • In all industries,
  • Whatever the size of the organisation, from large companies to start-ups.

A first experience of innovation and new business development

A hallmark of EIT Digital educational activities is to educate the learner not just to know ‘what to do’ but ‘what to do next’, all framed within an entrepreneurial mindset.

In the course of the EIT Digital Master School Innovation and Entrepreneurship education, you will learn and practice how to:


  • Recognize problems, societal challenges
  • Innovate with a human-centred perspective
  • Leverage and exploit technology for innovation


  • Model, plan, develop a new business
  • Deal with fast evolving scenarios, uncertainty (agile development, lean start-up)
  • Develop a new business at early stage

Communicate and lead

  • Pitch, share your vision, inspire
  • Empower yourself and your team, work in mixed skill-set environments
  • Interact with business experts using a common language

How is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship education structured?

The EIT Digital Master School Innovation and Entrepreneurship education is spread over two years, as follows:

Year one:

  • An introductory I&E Basics course (5-8 ECTS)
  • A project-based Business Development Lab (7-10 ECTS)
  • An elective I&E course (5 ECTS)

Between year one and year two:

  • A project-based two-weeks thematic Summer School (4 ECTS)

Year two:

  • A project-based I&E Study course (6 ECTS)

I&E Basics course
The I&E Basics course offers introductory lectures on technology-based entrepreneurship, marketing and markets, organisation and project management, new product and process development, entrepreneurial finance, human resource development.

Business Development Lab
The Business Development Lab is mainly concentrated on project work throughout the main phases of business modelling and development. It builds upon the Basic Course and will enable the student to conduct a fully‐fledged business development project. Invited entrepreneurs and practitioners hand over relevant applicable experience and knowledge in parallel to academic lectures.

Elective I&E course
An elective I&E course will be offered covering advanced topics on any of the following: business development, business finance, marketing, innovation management, intellectual property and market research.

Thematic Summer School
The Summer School brings you together for two weeks to work in groups on a business modelling and planning project in the context of a societally relevant thematic area. Summer Schools take place at different locations throughout Europe and bring together students and business partners. Summer Schools support study programmes with a multidisciplinary and international dimension, and create a clear EIT Digital flavour to education.

I&E Study course
The I&E Study is supervised business analysis work. It focuses on applying prior I&E knowledge and competences in a real business context. This course will allow students to tackle a business challenge with a robust explorative business analysis methodology.

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