Askhat Issakov

Hi, I’m Askhat, EIT Digital Master School student in Autonomous Systems from Kazakhstan. I’m 32 years old. I chose the University of Trento and Aalto University as entry and exit universities. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, USA. I’m passionate about learning and technology. I speak Kazakh, Russian and English.

Askhat Issakov

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Askhat's academic journey with EIT Digital

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

I did not have any doubts about applying to the EIT Digital Master School when I first heard what it offers: a two-year Master programme in two different countries, Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor, Summer School, a wide network of partners from all over Europe, as well as countless other opportunities to grow your network and develop your ideas.

What do you like most about your academic curriculum?

What attracted me to the Autonomous Systems track in particular is the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum. You get to study and apply knowledge from such diverse fields as computer science, physics, mathematics, and electrical and mechanical engineering. On top of that, we have Innovation and Entrepreneurship classes that help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Was it easy to move to your entry/exit universities?

In my case it was not easy to move to Trento because I came here with my family all the way from Kazakhstan. However, after the long trip and initial troubles of finding accommodation, we are now enjoying our time here by exploring the Italian language and culture.

What is the greatest lesson this academic journey has taught you?

Even though my academic journey within the EIT Digital Master School started less than three months ago, I have already learned a lot both academically and personally. One of the main lessons for me is the realisation that if you allow yourself to make mistakes, you learn a lot better than trying to be perfect. 

Do you consider yourself a digital innovator?

I considered myself a digital innovator when in my professional life I tried to use the latest digital tools, approaches and methodologies. However, I was simply reusing other people’s ideas. Now my goal is to create my own innovations for an increasingly digital future.

Which advice would you give to future students to be successful and make the best of this EIT Digital experience?

My advice to future students based on my experience so far is to be ready for hard work during studies, and do not forget about all other opportunities the EIT Digital Master School has to offer: meeting new people, going to events and exploring new places and cultures.

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