Dániel Banyay

Hi, I’m Dániel from Hungary. I finished my bachelor studies at Budapest University of Technology.

My entry was at TU Delft, The Netherlands, and I am conducting my exit at KTH University in Stockholm, Sweden. I chose Visual Computing and Communication because I have a passion for photography and videography - basically anything connected to media recording, editing and production.I speak Hungarian and English.

Dániel Banyay

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Dániel's academic journey with EIT Digital

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

I was looking for a programme that combines engineering with business-related studies. Nowadays being “just” an engineer is not enough, you can be much more successful if you have a good understanding of how business processes work in real life.

What do you like most about your academic curriculum?

I was expecting that the quality of my technical courses would be more than sufficient hence the high rankings of the chosen universities, but for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) courses I did not have any prior assumptions. Since we are all from an engineering background, I&E courses might be less appealing. Luckily my assumption was wrong, these studies have provided me with useful skills that can be used in real life as well!

Was it easy to move to your entry/exit universities?

Moving to Delft was challenging, as there is not enough accommodation for students in The Netherlands. So start looking for a room right after you’ve received your acceptance letter!

On the other hand, moving to Stockholm was a piece of cake, the accommodation provided by the University is perfect!

What is the greatest lesson this academic journey has taught you?

The brilliance of EIT Digital Master School is not just related to the academic skills. I would say that’s about 60% of the Master School. The rest is the experience you gain while you are working with international students,  learning about other cultures and having a better understanding of the world.

Do you consider yourself a digital innovator?

I am writing a list of the ideas I have during random moments in my life. If you look at it, half of the list elements seem to be ridiculous, but that’s how you can come up with something that does not yet exist. After I graduate, I will start taking these ideas more seriously and hopefully end up implementing some of them :)

Which advice would you give to future students to be successful and make the best of this EIT Digital experience?

Expand your social network! You never know how a random piece of small talk after an innovation event might end up providing you with the dream master thesis topic - or a future job!

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