Vibhor Sharma

Hi, I’m Vibhor Sharma. I'm 23 years old and I'm from India. Previously, I completed a Software Engineering bachelor’s degree at Wuhan University in China. My entry year was spent at TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and currently I'm in my exit year at KTH, Sweden. I'm passionate about bringing about social change through digital technologies. I speak English and Hindi.

Vibhor Sharma

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Vibhor's academic journey with EIT Digital

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

I chose EIT Digital Master School for three reasons:
1. The prospect of studying for my master’s degree at two different world-class institutions.
2. An opportunity to minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E).
3. Privileged access to EIT Digital resources ranging from entrepreneurial events all across Europe to the massive entrepreneurial network of EIT Digital alumni.

What do you like most about your academic curriculum?

Undoubtedly, the bit I like most is the Innovation & Entrepreneurship part, coupled with the specialised data science courses at KTH. Along with that, I enjoyed the Innovation Space Project at TU Eindhoven, where we worked on an idea for six months and tried our best to make it into a viable business.

Was it easy to move to your entry/exit universities?

The transition from entry to exit node was as smooth as it could be. The housing was taken care of at both entry and exit universities.

What is the greatest lesson this academic journey has taught you?

It has made me more 'industry-ready' than ever before. I feel I am equipped to take on varied roles in industry, from business development manager to data science roles. I have learnt a great deal about how to validate business ideas and I have got better at pitching my ideas to potential investors.

Do you consider yourself a digital innovator?

Definitely! Eventually I see myself as an entrepreneur who is spearheading the digital revolution. But how will that will happen? Well, I'm still figuring that out. Hopefully it will become clear soon.

Also, I would like to continue my association with EIT Digital by actively participating in alumni activities to make sure that I am part of the digital revolution.

Which advice would you give to future students to be successful and make the best of this EIT Digital experience?

Get out there! The reason many of us chose EIT Digital is because it's a chance to get our innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets conditioned under the best digital circumstances. So, if you get to be part of this journey, make sure you go out and validate those business ideas of yours as early as you can. The digital clock is ticking.

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