Ville Vartiainen

Heyo! My name’s Ville, I’m 26 years old and I come from Finland. My entry year was at Aalto University, Finland and my exit year is at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. I did my bachelor’s at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. I’m passionate about how people use and interact with technology, especially robots. I speak Finnish and English.

Ville Vartiainen

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Ville's academic journey with EIT Digital

Why did you choose the EIT Digital Master School?

EIT Digital offered the perfect opportunity to study an interesting major in an international context.

What do you like most about your academic curriculum?

Both of the universities I’ve studied at are cutting edge when it comes to both education and research. The variety of different courses available is also great! Throughout my studies I’ve been able to really specialise in topics that I find interesting.

Was it easy to move to your entry/exit universities?

Moving to and between the universities was really easy and most things were organised ready for us, letting us focus on studying.

What is the greatest lesson this academic journey has taught you?

I feel like I’ve grown as a person during the programme - I’ve learned to negotiate and reevaluate my own position and opinion on things.

Do you consider yourself a digital innovator?

It’s a mindset and an attitude you adopt in this programme. We're learning a lot of skills essential for a future society in which new tools will come and circumstances change quickly and you will really need to have your own initiative to move forward.

Which advice would you give to future students to be successful and make the best of this EIT Digital experience?

Be brave, be bold - get out there! Make the most of the time you have in the programme and meet all the awesome people studying with you!

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