The EIT Digital Master's Education is a two-year full-time education, created for you and coordinated by the EIT Digital Master School Office in Stockholm. Admission to the programme and general student counselling will be handled from the Master School Office.

The Master School Office staff work in close cooperation with university administrators at each one of the participating universities.

General Education Overview

When admitted you will enter the master's education at the entry university of your choice, depending also on your technical background. After completing the first year, you will move on to your exit point university, located in a different country in Europe. This will give you a profound international experience, and knowledge that reaches far beyond the classroom. All courses are taught in English.


In your master's education you will earn two degrees and the EIT Digital certificate.

Double Degrees

Two officially recognised Master of Science Degrees are awarded to you upon completion of your two-year education. One is issued by the entry university and one by the exit university. All involved universities are recognised degree awarding institutions. Your EIT Digital Technical Programme and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor are the base of your double degree.

EIT Digital Certificate

When you graduate from the master's education, you will receive an EIT Label certificate. It is based on the two degrees, and summarises the EIT Label and EIT Digital Master School specific characteristics of the education.

Master's Thesis

As your final degree project, you will write a master's thesis, in English, according to the rules and regulations of your exit point university. The thesis should be based on your internship with an EIT Digital business partner, and it will be supervised by your university and the business partner. Maybe your thesis project is the next technical revolution?

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

The two-year education (120 ECTS) includes a technical programme (90 ECTS) and an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor (30ECTS).

The Technical Programmes (90 ECTS) consist of three parts:

Major programme structure

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor (30 ECTS) consists of four parts:

Minor programme structure

Summer School

You will enjoy our Summer School as part of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor, a two-week event that has around 50 participants from all over Europe. The added value of the Summer School is to exercise a business development process in the context of a thematic area, and to offer plenty of opportunities of interaction for students among themselves, but also with other stakeholders such as companies, business consultants, market research experts, technology experts, users, etc. It stimulates the entrepreneurial mindset and you will learn to put business development activities in an application context. Apart from enhancing your Innovation & Entrepreneurship skills, it helps you to build an international network and to meet students from other technical programmes.

Application Period 1 Deadline: 3 February 2021

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