Fintech for Business (FTB)

Entry points, 1st year, Common Courses

Academic year 2024/2025

Riga Technical University

Academic Coordinator: Marite Kirikova,


Courses ECTS
Enterprise Architecture and Requirements Engineering 6
Systems Theory 6
Advanced Data Technologies 6
Enterprise Information Technology Architecture, Applications, and Integration 6
Network Security Requirements 3
Elective 3


Courses ECTS
Business Process Management and Engineering 6
Portfolio Management Technologies 6
e-Business Solutions 6
FinTech choice of Specific Software Applications study courses 6
FinTech choice of Humanities and Social Sciences study courses 6

Exit points, 2nd year, Specialisation

Academic year 2025/2026

University of Rennes

Academic Coordinator: Alvaro Pina Stranger,

SPECIALISATION: Fintech based on Data Management

The University of Rennes will provide specialisation content oriented to advanced data management, using scalable data analytics methods and techniques. Some of these techniques are distributed data management, distributed and parallel query processing, NoSQL technologies, NewSQL technologies, complex event processing, scalable data management ecosystems, cloud infrastructure, specifically, computing and storage, and elastic management. The exit year specialisation at Rennes 1 can be addressed from two perspectives: on the one hand, students can adopt a stand towards social impact, this is, bearing in mind that Fintech applications may have a positive impact on society, especially, by democratising financial knowledge and granting access to a wide array of financial tools. On the other hand, students can adopt a stand towards financials, specifically, through the use of Bloomberg's specialised services, which remain at the cutting edge of innovation by delivering fast access to indispensable news, data and trading tools.


Courses ECTS
I&E Study on Fintech 6
Fintech Project 4
Data Mining 5
Machine Learning 2 5
Dataware Houses 3
Cloud and Big Data Management 3


Courses ECTS
Master Thesis 30
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