Newly Admitted FAQ

Newly Admitted FAQ

I was admitted to the programme. What are the next steps?

  1. Register for and attend the welcome webinar (you will receive the registration link).
  2. Accept or decline the study offer by the indicated deadline by following the link in the study offer email. If you decline the offer, please let us know why.
  3. Pay your first semester’s tuition fee by the indicated deadline.
  4. Join your cohort’s Facebook group to get in contact early (you will receive a link to the group).
  5. Visit your entry university's website to find the academic calendar.

Additional next steps will come from your entry university. You will receive an official Letter of Admission from your entry university with information about how to apply for a student visa/residence permit, important dates, accommodation and enrollment. You are expected to arrive in time and commence the studies according to their instructions.

Is accommodation provided?

Usually our partner universities either guarantee housing or help students find accommodation. Costs are not covered. Once you are admitted to the programme, you will receive more information about the services they offer.

Does EIT Digital assist with the visa/residence permit application?

For your visa application, you will need the certificates found under "My Letters" tab in the application portal. Please note that the certificates all contain a unique "Authenticity Check" link that proves the validity of the documents. If you do not accept the study offer, or if you do not pay the tuition invoice, they are invalidated.

Upon getting admitted, you will also receive the local Letter of Admission from your entry university which you can use for your visa application. It is the universities that will provide you with advice on the application process. We recommend beginning the process of a visa/residence permit as soon as you’ve accepted the study offer as these can take time.

During your first year at your entry university, you will apply for your visa for the study year at your exit university. Similar to the procedure at your entry university, you will receive detailed information from your exit university concerning visa application and accommodation.

When are local Letters of Admission sent out?

Your entry university will be informed that you have accepted the study offer and they will contact you with all the practical information you require towards enrollment of studies. This process can take 3-5 weeks. The administrators at our partner universities are provided with updates when you accept the study offer, and when you pay the first semester’s tuition fees.

Letters of Admission from exit university will be sent out the next spring i.e. during your second semester of studies.

Does EIT Digital provide insurance?

Yes. All EIT Digital students are provided with an emergency insurance valid during the 2 years of study. Insurance certificates will be provided after the admissions results are announced and will be available in "My Letters" in the application portal.

More detailed information on insurance as well as local health and counselling services available at partner universities can be found in portal under the tab Student Health and Insurance.

*Note that in order to access the information, you do not need to start or complete an application but you do need to register in the online portal.

Is it possible to defer the study offer and start my studies next year instead?

No. We do not defer admission offers, but you are welcome to apply again next year. Please mention that you were already accepted once in the Motivation Letter.

Is it possible to change the programme after being admitted?

No. There is no possibility to change from one programme to another. The only way to do so would be to begin a new application for your programme of choice. If you are admitted to that programme, then you could possibly transfer some of the previously earned credits.

Could you assign a different entry university to me?

No. The entry university you are admitted to cannot be changed, as your admission to the programme is linked to the entry university.

I was not awarded a scholarship. Is there any other funding available to me?

Yes, besides scholarships offered by EIT Digital, you may also be eligible for other types of financial aid offered by our partner universities. More information with links and contact details can be found on the Local Funding page in the online portal. 

*Note that in order to access the information, you do not need to start or complete an application but you do need to register in the online portal.

Do students receive travel allowances?

Travel within Europe to the Kick-Off, Summer School and Graduation is usually covered by the EIT Digital. Other than that, the students need to organize their own travels.

What are the average living costs?

The living costs depend on the country or city you are living in and your personal lifestyle. Your entry or exit university can give you more information about the costs to be expected. For personal estimations, you can always ask our Student Ambassadors.

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