Programmes & Degrees FAQ

Programmes & Degrees FAQ

What does "Mobility" mean?

Mobility affects our students in many ways throughout the education. Not only do they study at two different universities in two different European countries, but they also travel to kick-off events, and summer and winter schools to meet other students, business partners and professionals. Learning about cultural and language differences enables our students to become experts in their technical field and succeed as managers in global markets.

What degree(s) would I receive from the EIT Digital Masters Programme?

Students, who complete the EIT Digital master's programme, will receive a degree from both universities in their individual study plan, i.e. a double degree. They also earn an EIT Label certificate, documenting the EIT Digital-specific learning outcomes.

What does "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" mean?

Besides fundamental knowledge in the main technical area of studies, students learn how to drive their innovations to market. The master's thesis –which the students prepare in collaboration with a company–, includes a business plan for the commercial exploitation of their project. A basic course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Business Labs Course are vital parts of this module.

What are Co-Location Centres?

EIT Digital is organised in nodes located in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. Each one has a Co-Location Centre where students, researchers, and business partners come together to share and create ideas. The CLC is a place for you to network both in-person and in the video-café, but also for other extracurricular activities such as Summer Schools.

What are the career opportunities?

You may read about career opportunities in each programme description (bottom of the page):

Selected internship and job openings for students are also published on EIT Digital official social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, you may get a better idea of job prospects for EIT graduates by checking the EIT Alumni Foundation:

Another option is to look into further opportunities within EIT Digital:

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