Required Documents FAQ

Required Documents FAQ

Should I upload certified copies or original documents in the EIT Digital Application Portal?

Please upload the original, colour, scanned version of your degree certificate and transcript of records. If this is not possible, photocopies of your degree certificate, transcript of records and statements should be stamped and signed by the degree administrations office (or equivalent department) of the issuing institution, or by a Notary Public. Please note some students are required to send hard copies, see below. Applications that are not supported by official documents will not be processed. Statements made by professors or the heads of departments are not accepted. 

Do I need to send hard copies of my documents?

For some applicants, yes.  You do not need to send hard copies of the application documents, unless your degree was awarded in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, or USA. Then an official transcript of records must be sent in a sealed envelope directly from the issuing university. Degrees awarded in Pakistan need to be attested by the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan. Colour copies are accepted but they must bear the original HEC stamp and not a copy of the stamp. The verified documents must be sent in an envelope sealed by HEC.

The documents should be sent to:

KTH Admissions Office
Att: EIT Digital Master School Office
Brinelllvägen 8
SE-100 44 Stockholm

How should the HEC-verified documents be sent from Pakistan to the Admissions Office?

Each page of the transcript of records and the degree certificate has to be stamped and signed by HEC. In case of on-going studies, the current/latest version of your transcript of records only must be stamped and signed by HEC.

You can send the HEC envelope to us using a courier service of your choice. You should put the sealed HEC envelope into a new envelope. The HEC envelope should be closed and untampered with. The Admissions Office in Sweden must receive the documents by the deadline.

Can I translate the application documents myself?

No. A translation of official documents (Transcripts and Degree certificate) must be made by a licensed translator.

Is there a specific format for the CV?

No. There is no specific format for the CV.

Is there a specific format for the motivation letter?

No. There is no specific format for the motivation letter. We would like you to discuss or propose an entrepreneurial idea, with one page of summary and one additional page for details. The idea is that you should write a personal letter, which communicates your personal interest and attitude towards technology and entrepreneurship, which are key features of the EIT Digital master's programmes. It should "prove your innovative potential", as is stated in the instructions for application documents.

Should I write a different motivation letter for the second programme I am applying to?

We highly recommend that you include a motivation letter for the second programme of your choice because it will improve your chances of getting admitted. Please observe that the same entrepreneurial idea can be developed in the two motivation letters for the two programmes. You can merge the two letters into 1 pdf file. However, if you fail to provide the second motivation letter, it does not automatically mean that your application to the second programme will be rejected. You will still be considered together with the other applicants.

My professor would like to send the recommendation letter directly to the Admissions Office. Is it possible?

Your supervisor or professor may send the recommendation letter directly to only in case you are unable to upload it yourself in the Application Portal.

Can I submit a copy of my TOEFL score report? I am afraid it won’t reach you until after the deadline for submitting documents.

No. All TOEFL tests must be sent directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS). The institution code of EIT Digital Master School Office is ""0210"". You must provide this code in order for your results to be reported to us.

Please observe that it can take up to six weeks for ETS to have your score report delivered. Examinee score reports or photocopies are not accepted. We cannot guarantee that your application will be processed if no English score is uploaded by the deadline (see here). However, we encourage you to submit your application anyway and add the English test results as soon as possible.

I have all my required documents ready except for my TOEFL scores. Can I submit my TOEFL score after the deadline?

No. You cannot submit your TOEFL score after the deadline. The application deadline is the same for all application documents.

I wonder how to submit my IELTS test result: do I ask my test center to send it to you, or should I upload an attested copy?

You can upload a copy of the IELTS result together with your other documents. The copy does not have to be attested. IELTS tests are verified online by the Admissions Office, so uploading a photocopy of your test results is sufficient.

My B.Sc programme was in English but I have not taken an IELTS or TOEFL test. Do I have the requirements for English proficiency?

English proficiency tests are waived (not required) for applicants who:

  • have completed a higher education degree instructed in English at a university or a university of applied sciences in an EU/EEA country. The official language of the degree programme has to be stated in the degree certificate or its supplement, or in the transcript of records. Statements are not accepted. Other documentation regarding language of instruction will not be accepted.
  • have completed a degree instructed in English at a university that is physically located in one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

Some of the entry universities have additional tests or exemptions. Please see the information given under "Admission Requirements".

Please note that if you fulfil the requirements of an Entry University but not the general English proficiency requirements, this may have implications on your eligibility for some of the exit universities.

I am unable to provide a generally accepted English test score. Do I still have a chance to apply?

You can still apply without one of the generally accepted tests, but the number of universities you may choose will be limited. Go to Admissions Criteria and look under "University-specific language tests and exemptions." Find any that accept:

  • a) the test result you do have, or
  • b) if you have completed a degree instructed in English at a university that is physically located in one of the following countries: XXX (the generally applicable countries are USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, but additional countries may be listed under "University-specific language tests and exemptions")

Those are the universities to which you could apply. For the exit year, you could also choose those that state "As an exit university, XXX requires no further proof of English proficiency as long as year one of EIT Digital has been successfully completed at a partner university."

I am a native English speaker, what should I upload as proof of English proficiency?

If your bachelor's degree is from an English-speaking country, please upload your bachelor's diploma under the B2 tab "English proficiency".

More on English language requirements here (scroll down to “Proof of English language proficiency”).

I don’t have a GPA or a relative ranking. What do I do?

It is not mandatory to submit GPA or relative ranking. Please do not calculate your own GPA if it is not stated in your transcripts or degree certificate. In some cases, the ranking is stated in the transcripts, but you can also try to request this information from the administration of your university.

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