Selection FAQ

Selection FAQ

Who selects the students for the EIT Digital Master School?

The application and selection process is coordinated from Sweden by the KTH Admissions Office and the EIT Digital Master School Office.

Determining whether you fulfil the specific admission requirements for your technical major, and ranking the applicants is performed by the Selection Committee which is composed of academics involved in the programme at partner universities.

What are the selection criteria?

The ranking is based on a total evaluation of the following criteria:

  • Suitability of acquired bachelor degree for intended study program
  • Academic excellence (Quality and recognition of home university, Study success)
  • Entrepreneurial excellence
  • Innovative potential

Please be aware that becoming accepted to a technical programme does not guarantee that you will be assigned to your mobility option preference. Selected applicants will be offered a study track based on preference and availability. If an applicant cannot be offered a seat in the preferred study track, an alternative track will be offered.

How much does work experience contribute to the overall ranking of an application? Can it boost my application?

There is no generic answer to this question. In some cases, work experience might indeed compensate for lack of academic credentials in the relevant field of studies. Please make sure to present this argument in your motivation letter and CV.

It is the combination of such factors as the suitability of your bachelor's degree, academic excellence, relevant professional experience, entrepreneurial and innovative potential that the Selection Committee takes into account. Therefore, the answer to the question is individual and depends on the overall quality of the application. We cannot make any pre-assessments before you complete the application on the portal.

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