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The application period for the new student cohort will open in Fall 2024.
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Tomorrow's digital innovators and entrepreneurs

EIT Digital Master School offers two-year certified and customizable double degree programmes allowing you to study at two top-tier universities in different European countries. Our double degrees blend technical expertise with entrepreneurial experience and mindset. Get ready to learn about tech innovation and how to bring it to market! 

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*Alumni survey conducted in December 2020/January 2021.

Key benefits

  • Official Master’s diplomas – two degrees from each university you choose to study at and a certificate awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. 

  • Multiple scholarships to support your studies. 

  • Employer-friendly programmes, offering flexible working days and hours, so there's no need to take study leave. 

  • Kick-off, Summer School, and graduation day in a different country every year, with your travel partially sponsored by EIT Digital.  

  • Freedom to develop your curriculum, acknowledging prior learning and experience.  

  • Lifelong alumni network that supports you from day one and long after your studies are finished. Our alumni are here to help you in your job search, share open positions, and provide ongoing support. 

  • Diverse community of multicultural students.


The application period for the new student cohort will open in Fall 2024.
Leave us your email to stay tuned!

How is it to study at EIT digital?

Here is what our students say about our community and programmes:

"Doing your MSc via EIT Digital not only gives you a master's degree at the end of your course, it also teaches you independence. I got to learn about FinTech, which is my major, and also got the chance to do a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Moreover, studying from two different universities will help in me getting a job in the future and it also gives me more exposure in terms of personal development. Overall, It has been an unforgettable experience!"

Sanya Shoaib

"Data science is a fascinating topic nowadays and I thought learning it would grant me great opportunities. Also, I am an avid traveller: studying at two different universities in two countries, and the chance to attend events in other countries, is a dream. I was interested in the business side of technology and I thought I could learn a lot from this and it can be helpful in my future. That is why I chose the EIT Digital Master School over the job. And, I have to say, it was the correct decision and my time at the EIT Digital Master School has been my best two years so far."

Carlos Callejo

"I had an internship first to complete my studies and work on my master thesis project. I took the challenge to move from Stockholm to Amsterdam for my internship at KPMG. After my internship, KPMG offered me a full-time position as Data Scientist and Consultant. It has been 2 years in which I learned a lot. I define myself as a technical guy with an entrepreneurial mind, and I like having core technical skills and having a strong mind for business. That is what we learn and develop at the EIT Digital Master School."

Luca Vavassori

"I would not have a career in Machine Learning Engineering at all without EIT Digital. Having studied at the EIT Digital Master School, I can work in different industries and in different countries. It empowered me with the freedom to work on projects I care about and helped me grow in my career. Currently, I work as a machine learning engineer at adidas Runtastic in Austria. This means I combine my skills in software engineering with my experience in algorithms and data science. For me this is a perfect position: financial analysis and computer science."

Júlia Hermann

"These two years I studied in such a healthy environment. A beautiful community of people that were helping each other, were collaboration was valued more than competition. I studied topics that were interesting to me and worked with the latest technology like VR and AR, rediscovering the passion that initially brought me to choose Computer Science."

Gaia Businaro

Study at two top universities in Europe!

The courses "Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Robots" & "Cyber Security" are developed and delivered under EU Digital Europe Programme Project no. 101123118. 

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The EIT digital difference

Invest now in your career

For companies, digitalisation is key to increasing innovation, enhancing competitiveness, and accelerating growth. As a result, businesses everywhere are on the hunt for digitally enabled talent. Invest now in your future at EIT Digital Master School.

Amplify your learning

Innovate at our Summer School

The EIT Digital Summer School offers unique two-week programmes, during which you will take a deep dive into how we use technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to address both societal challenges and access business opportunities.

Summer School

Access to the high-tech ecosystem

As part of the Master School, you will have direct access to working in our colocation centres, attend our summer school programmes, and choose an internship within disruptive scale-ups or technology start-ups, part of our ecosystem.


Two days to get to know each other

The Kick-Off is an event for the newly enrolled students, marking the official start of the academic year. It is the students’ first encounter with the innovation and entrepreneurial aspect of our unique double degree master’s programmes.


Master School Kick-Off 2023

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